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  1. These tips are great! I feel like I was clueless when I potty trained my oldest. My youngest is a boy and I’m not looking forward to starting the process. I think we have a while, but I’m definitely pinning this for later!

    1. I’m glad they are helpful! I’ve heard the potty training process can be a little different for boys.? I think the best thing to do is to wait until he’s ready and that way the process won’t be so bad.? Thanks!

  2. I completely let this be a self led process for my boys and it was simple and easy and worked so well for us!

  3. sandra tanner says:

    Where were you when i was potty training years ago! Love this! Such great information and tips that make the process much easier.

  4. Yess! That is something I learned with my oldest. Do not force it. They will not go until they are physically or emotionally ready. My second is 3 and basically potty training herself currently. She has been watching my oldest who is 4.5 and decided it was her turn lol

    1. Right! LOL. Aww, that’s so good! That’s the benefit of having siblings I think. They help each other along.?

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