Travel to Cuba

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  1. I’m from Italy and will be travelling to Cuba soon. Even not from America, your tips sound great also for me.

  2. Wow! This is such a useful post. I have been wanting to visit Cuba and had no idea that there were still so many restrictions. Thank you for sharing. I will be saving this for future reference.

  3. I was engrossed in your post! I have been dying to visit Cuba, however I alwasy thought it was so cheap, from other blogs that I’ve read.

    Good to know about the food, I will be sure to stick with the little nooks to eat at.

    Internet access I feel is an issue that most places have issues with, but one thing I have never quite built up the patience for. LOL

    As far as the debit/credit card go… Since you can;t used them, how much cash did you end up needing and for how long?

    1. Yes, I was shocked after I got back home and calculated all that I spent. I’ve traveled to many places similar to Cuba and spent much less so I make sure that I tell everyone that mentions Cuba to me. LOL. I only took about $500 cash with me for 3 days.?

  4. A very interesting read – I had no idea that debit/credit cards wouldn’t work over there – good to know. Thank you for sharing this – really valuable advice.

  5. There is some great information here! Cuba sounds beautiful and amazing!!

  6. Some interesting facts here. I’m surprised they don’t accept credit cards and debit. Is this just U.S. or all nationalities? I haven’t been yet….i have heard that the food is bad .

    1. Yeah, they don’t accept credit cards from anyone. They don’t have credit card machines like we do here in the States. Oh ok. Yes, I wish someone would have told me about the food before we went. :)

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