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  1. What a wonderful trip. So much fun and a great time to spend with those you love.

  2. Never been on a plane for 15 hours, smart to break it up. Looks fun, wild Kangaroos would be interesting to see.

  3. Australia is on my wanderlust list! Looks like you had a great time.

  4. Sydney is fantastic! I went down under recently and couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. Though that flight – it’s sooooo long.

  5. I would love to go to Australia and will check out that Hilton for sure. What a great adventure for you and your husband even though the flight was a mere 15 hours, yikes!

  6. This makes me want to go to Australia so bad! It looks so amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Australia has always been on my bucket list!Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the idea to break up the super-long flight with a stop in Los Angeles. That way you got to stretch your legs and were tired when you got on the long overnight flight. I’ll need to remember this idea for long flights.

  9. Looks like you guys had a great time! I’ve flown into Sydney but didn’t get a chance to visit the city. We just had a layover there before we flew to Melbourne. I’d love to go back and visit Sydney.

  10. This just made me want to go to Australia even more! Looks like so much fun! I am dying to try out Fiji and New Zealand as well!

  11. This is awesome! I am definitely planning a trip to Australia sometime soon, and I LOVED reading your insights! Thanks so much for sharing! 😉

  12. What a fun trip! I haven’t been to Australia but it’s on my someday list.

    1. Yes! You will be glad you do.

  13. This trip looks like it was so much fun! Australia is on the bucket list… we will get there someday!

    1. Yes, you will definitely enjoy it once you go.

    1. Thanks! Yes, it was fun and the food was yummy! 🙂

  14. so cool!!! I’m fascinated with Australia. A lot of history there (not all of it pretty) but fascinating…

  15. It sounds like you had a great trip. My parents spent a month exploring Australia and New Zealand a few years ago–there’s definitely a lot to see. Maybe someday…

    1. Nice! Yes, absolutely. I so wanted to go to New Zealand while we were there but we didn’t have enough time.

  16. Australia is a wonderful place. I visited the northeastern part of Australia. The snorkeling was amazing.

    1. Yes, it is! Oh, nice! I will definitely want to explore different parts of Australia when I go back.

  17. Australia is totally on my bucket list! And a Jamaican Restaurant too? I’m there as soon as I can get it booked!

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